B.J. De Guzman of Jungle Beige in Dubai drops marketing GEMS 💎

B.J. breaks down how he built his marketing agency Jungle Beige through varied skillsets he picked up through his globetrotting career path. He also talks about how personal hustle garnered his entry into interning at Complex Magazine to managing major marketing and advertising campaigns for Microsoft, Red Stripe, Jordan, Puma, and more. Plus the importance of chasing personal goals vs chasing industry accolades.  

There an old adage about how opportunity only knocks once in a lifetime, but I believe sometimes you have to ride out and knock on opportunities door yourself.  I feel that B.J. exemplifies the later. After talking to him is it is very easy to reflect at jumping in the deep end of the pool and turning back a couple of times in my own life's movie.  The what-if can be scary but also extremely rewarding.  I doubt that when B.J. decided to leave LA to follow his music industry dreams in NY that he ever thought that he would be running his own marketing company in Dubai.  Cheers to betting on oneself at the edge of the deep end.