The Kenora Project


The Kenora Project came from wanting to memorialize my mother that passed away from cancer.  I did so with a 62 piece free art drop that spanned from NY to LA over 13 weeks.  The message that I was attaching to each piece was for people to spend share the rose (quality time) with their loved ones that are still here with them vs wishing to do so when they have passed on. 

I thought about using a rose in the artwork because it resonated with the idea of giving someone flowers while they are alive.  I wanted to reference old sailor tattoo styles. In sketching it and trying to come up with my own style I added the hearts to the center buds.  This to me made it really signature and also symbolized the love that two people have.  Especially that of a mother and a child being that one rose is inside the other.  I chose to do the halo as it was an element that I was using in other works and it felt like a natural extension to show one that has passed on.  The core message of this art is not only to share with those that are here but also to remember those that are not.  They are still with use one-way or another even if it is just in the living genetic material that sustains us.  I mainly used black canvases as that was my mother's favorite color.  








The next extension of this project this lapel pin.  I want people to dedicate the pin to a loved one whether here or passed on. Pin the love. Visit the gift shop link.