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Pel Peltiér is a United States Naval veteran turned self-taught multidisciplinary artist and creative strategist. His work is interwoven with social commentary as he deconstructs social constructs through layered messaging that hides an inside joke and the irony in deeper social issues through a hidden message.


His work draws on parallels with form, color, and space, allowing for an investigative look at manufactured social norms that define us all.


Pel's works range from nose art on an F-14 fighter jet to limited-edition Nike sneakers.


He has worked professionally with brands such as Nike, Jordan, Kappa, 10 Deep, Uniqlo, Reebok, Fila, Universal Music, and Sony.


Pel continues contributing to many aspects of contemporary sportswear to fine arts.


 "My work is for the observer. We are a culmination of our exposure and experiences, and they direct our opinions of the art around us. I love hearing those conversations that I am inciting to the observer and being the first observer of this process. "