Pel is a United States Naval veteran turned autodidactic multidisciplinary artist who creates narratives that critique both past and present points in history. His series of artwork subvert dominant global constructs with his sometimes tongue in cheek commentary on envisioning new ones.  This is done through an exploration of the symbiotic relationships between figures in his work and the stake and agency they hold in the environments they navigate.  Drawing on parallels with form, color and space allow for an investigative look at manmade constructs that define us all.

He has done nose art on an F-14 fighter jet while he was an Avionics Technician in the Navy.  The art later became a limited edition die-cast collectible from the Franklin Mint.

 He has worked professionally with brands such as Nike, Jordan, Uniqlo, Reebok, Fila, Universal Music, and Sony.



 I have worked in paint, wood, metal, pen and digitally bring texture to the conversation I'm inciting with the observer. Each medium carries its weight and is articulated, like words, to build the character arc. I want to push emotions through the observer and walk away, questioning their position on the underlying subject.


My work deconstructs social constructs through layered messaging that hides an inside joke. And often challenge the observer to find the irony in deeper social issues through a hidden message or "inside joke" in the art piece. The work is just the vehicle, but the thought evoked from observation is the true art I am trying to capture.