Branden Peters - Co-founder Only Facts 🔊📺

Branden Peters who is the co-founder of ONLY Facts. His company houses his brands DayOne radio an urban Podcast that has been running for seven years and Hip Hop trivia in Atl that is a reoccurring game night revolving around various facts in hip-hop culture. Branden has also worked in broadcast tv, digital and physical spaces from producing content all the way from marketing various assets and has worked on the Sprite campaign that debuted at LIII (53). Branden is currently a Senior Culture Marketing Manager for Redbull.


Sitting with Branden was super insightful and for the record, he has been a great mentor to me on how to build my podcast.  He dropped so many jewels to me on how to structure and roll out my content.  He is also one of the people that prompted me to get in the podcast Arena in the first place.  I never thought that this would come full circle from me being interviewed on his DayOne Radio Podcast all the way six and a half years later to me interviewing him.  I am forever blessed to have friends like him to assist in me expanding my voice and platform.