Camille Todaro - From independent author to PENTHOUSE contributing writer πŸ‘ βœοΈ

Camille Todaro is a contributing writer for Penthouse Magazine and also a self-published author of two books. Camille takes us through her journey of how she went from stripping in Las Vegas to pay her way through college to penning her first book which ultimately led to her writing for various publications. This episode is a must for all looking to enter the publishing world despite the odds set against them and thinking outside of the box.

In this interview, I learned what it is to set a goal and push through to it regardless of the obstacle.Β  Camille went dancing from state to state to get her Bachelors's in English.Β Β Her road to that goal led her to put her love for prose to the task and pen her first book about the environment that she had to traverse.Β  Never did she think that her journey to be a writer would be empowered by the world of stripping and lead her to become a writer for Penthouse.Β  I looked at her self publishing journey as one for the ages.Β  The refusal to set your dream down just because others don't see the value in it is a tale told to often.Β  This time it happened to be told by Ms. Todaro.