To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Nike Air Max 90, PELNYC (@pelnyc) in partnership with the Whitaker Grp present an art collective of 25 unique portraits that take you on a twenty-five-year journey back in time. Using the Air Max 90 silhouette as the constant variable, the sneaker is showcased and transformed in the art as PEL reflects on some of our most memorable milestones.

Commemorating the last two and a half decades, PEL highlights pop culture, entertainment, trends and events of important historical record like 9/11, The Simpsons, Tupac + Biggie, Pharrell and more. The series reminds you that this beloved shoe has been on foot through many major events. Starting with the unique perspective of the “birth” of the Air Max 90, each piece triggers memories and evokes emotion as one recalls, reflects and enjoys the creative take on milestones throughout the life of the sneaker.

 “I remember my first pair of Air Max, hand-me-downs from my cousin. I still have them to this day; old, beat-up, but in the box. They are one of the most prized possessions in my collection.  I hope these paintings prompt collectors to recall their most memorable Air Max 90 moment.” says PELNYC founder Pel.

8” x 8”


52 pages

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