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MARC WILLIAMSON - Flame Keepers Hat Club FKHC 🎩

Marc Williamson of Flame Keepers Hat Club in Harlem has been in the hat industry for over 20 years and shares how he is bringing new life and perspective to the #headwear industry. This is a must to listen to for anyone that is looking to bring #energy to their #brand.



This interview was very special to me.  Marc had been pushing me for some time to do a podcast.  He told me that I need to do it because I know a lot of people and that they F@ck'd with me.  He is one of my closest and dearest friends and he always pushed me to do better, think deeper, execute, execute, execute, and stay out of my way (keep it simple stupid).  I have spent many a day in his shop talking about everything from current events, universal law of attraction, spirituality, and what current albums are 🔥🔥🔥 (fire) and which are 🗑️(trash).  Through our convos and the cast of characters that find their way through his smoke grey-tinted doors I have learned a lot about myself.  And to quote the 'ALMIGHTY SWANN' everything starts with a thought.  So I am here to interview those that help me to BUILD through my life's journey by having the opportunity to TELL their perspective in their works and industry without the need to SELL anything.

"BUILD TELL SELL" podcast 🎧 that is available on Itunes, SpotifyYoutube, and IGTV.

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