Mel Peralta - Senior Director of Project Green House by Footlocker 🌱👟

Mel Peralta is the Senior Director of Project Green House by Footlocker. Project Greenhouse is an incubator that finds new designers and pairs them with established brands to create exclusive products that push culture from concept to inception that lives on the Greenhouse APP. The position with this think tank is natural for Mel, as he has also co-founder of FLud watches, has a licensing company that has put out countless collaborative brand initiatives throughout his tenure in streetwear and contemporary culture.

What can I not say about Mel that hasn't already been said?  He is a humble dude that still pulls from where he came from to keep himself grounded.  I feel like he keeps it simple and to the point when it comes to business.  The art of being a straight shooter that finds the unserviced areas and niche markets is an art that comes easy to him.  Also, he has hustle hustle hustle permeating through his pores.  Mel's get in where you fit in and outwork the competition is par for the course.  His quiet as kept demeanor is definitely overshadowed by his loud impact on the industry.  I can't wait to see where he will be in years to come.